Hi, we are patricia and jordan.


Hello! We got married in 2008 and moved to Madison, WI from Colorado Springs, CO. We've been married 14 years but have been friends since high school and acquaintances since middle school. Together we have three wonderful girls who we are raising in a small home purchased for the land and neighbors surrounding us. Most days of the warmer months during downtime you can find Patricia tending to her garden and Jordan reading a good book or listening to a favorite podcast. We like to travel back to Colorado a couple times a year but have fallen in love with the midwest. The contrast between the two is refreshing and we couldn't imagine not having both Colorado and Wisconsin regularly in our lives. 

Patricia started Rejoy Photography in January 2010. In 2014 Jordan began photographing weddings with Patricia and in 2015 started documenting couples stories and weddings through audio. During our off season at the end of 2015, we officially changed our name and brand in May of 2016 to better reflect this business we've created together. In 2020 Jordan stepped back from photographing weddings and is focusing on going back to school and audio stories. The largest compliment we hope for and receive when our couples view their image/hear their audio is that the emotions, feelings, and memories of their day come flooding back to them. Our hope is to always photograph or record weddings in a true and beautiful way. 


Marissa + Will

“Patricia and Jordan went above and beyond in photographing our wedding. They took time to sit down with us and get to know us beforehand, they scoped out the venue in advance so that they could predict things that might impact photos. They stopped by the salon where I was getting ready to be able to capture that part of our day too. They were responsive, helpful, professional, and personable. And on top of all that, our photos are stunning and we are so happy with how they turned out.”

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