Madison Wedding Photography | Maggie + JD

We met up with Maggie and JD at Manna Cafe, one of our favorite places to eat a delicious lunch and knew we wanted to photograph their wedding instantly! They are both band teachers (if you couldn't tell by their wedding details), are very much in love, and meshed well with our personalities! 

Their ceremony was the first held at Noah's Event Center here in Madison, WI and was actually scheduled before the official opening. We weren't really quite sure what to expect or even if there would be grass next to the venue yet (even the week before as we scoped out the building for locations to photograph the couple) but we were pleasantly surprised as everything came together so well!. 

Because of the time of day the ceremony ended, we decided to wait until closer to sunset to go out and take photos of just the two of them and I'm so glad we did! We went nearby and found a great little spot to take them with tall grass, and pathway, and beautiful trees in the background! 

Maggie and JD - we loved capturing you and your loved ones on your wedding day! Jordan has enjoyed running into both of you since your wedding day and happy to have met you. 

North Shore Golf Club Wedding | Menasha, WI Photography

Joe and Nancy are pure gold when it comes to couples I meet. They have been friends for many years and their story is beautiful and complex and wonderful. All they wanted for their wedding day was a celebration and to be with the people who they care deeply for as they committed themselves as husband and wife. Their grown children, their beautiful and plentiful grandchildren, their friends, and even family from afar. They asked for candid photos of their day and the people who came and we of course were so so happy to oblige! Candid/documentary style photos are some of our favorites to photograph on a wedding day. The flow of the day, the anticipation, the moments you don't even know you wanted until you're viewing your gallery and see them there in photographic form - that's what we live for as wedding photographers. 

Joe and Nancy - thank you so much for hiring us for your special day. Your story is one I won't soon forget and we are thankful to know you two. 

Venue: North Shore Golf Club

Personal Project | Troy Community Farm Photography

If you know me even a little or have access to my personal Instagram or Facebook, one thing you will learn about me is that I am one of those moms who posts entirely too many (good) photos of my children but equally so, I post too many photos of my garden(s). We've had a garden or some form of one for about 6 years but I've personally been planning/growing/harvesting the garden (almost) on my own for 3 seasons now. Gardening is the perfect compliment to my personality and contrast to the work of sitting to respond to emails and editing images. I can edit for a couple hours and then go rip out weeds and pick produce straight from my yard. 


This past growing season I grew from seed about 90% of my plants (starting in February) and grew more food than we could eat and preserve within our home garden and three (three!!!??) 20'x20' community garden plots. I'm sure it was a site to see a 9 month pregnant woman out in her plot ripping weeds and swatting mosquitos! It sure felt good! 


In addition to my garden, I was overjoyed to be asked to photograph the Urban CSA farm we live next to. I went out weekly and documented the various stages, produce, and laughter which happens on that farm I've come to love so much. This was my little slice of peace and heaven this past year and I came to be quite fond of the workers there on the farm. And for the record, I love smelling squash plants, cilantro and dill, and fresh picked celeriac. 


I'm sorry (but not sorry) I couldn't narrow this blog post down more than this. Here are my favorites. If you have the patience, stick around to the end because the last half are my favorites. If you are interested in having your wedding on a farm, a community garden, in someone's home garden- then really you should just book me now because I want to photograph your wedding! Seriously. Please have your wedding in a vegetable and flower garden and hire me. 

Madison Wedding Flowers Photoshoot

My friend Renee with Madison Wedding Flowers and I met through this great little creative community called The Rising Tide. I don't remember how I found out about this Facebook group but the idea of "Community over Competition" really resonated with me early on. Jordan and I quickly found the local expression of The Rising Tide here in Madison, WI and realized they meet once a month. Creatives all over the area - some wedding photographers, event planners, florists, custom wedding dress designers... creativity seeping out of every corner of this group. 

Back to Renee, I met her through this Tuesdays Together group here in Madison and instantly felt like I really liked who she was/is as a person. It's only an added bonus that she creates these floral pieces that give me heart eyes for days! So when she mentioned having some peonies left over from a wedding and photographing some pieces for her, I was all about it! Take a look at these amazing florals and those herb crowns! Yes please. Renee, you're amazing. Thank you for letting me go to town photographing your floral arrangements! 

Madison Warner Park Rec Center Wedding | Ben + Amanda

Ben and Amanda got married on a windy and cold May day. The weather wasn't ideal or what we had hoped for but what matters to me more than a "perfect" or "ideal" day is a couple who trusts us, is willing to do what it takes for great wedding photos, and enjoys the moment regardless of the weather. They got married at the Warner Park Rec Center on Madison's North Side with their loved ones surrounding them. 

Huge thanks also to Charles for photographing with me as my second shooter!