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Wisconsin Backyard Wedding Photography | Harry + Kacie

Harry and Kacie had such a memorable and fun backyard wedding and Jordan and myself felt lucky to be able to photograph it. Kacie's dad had been doing Reggie Fest in his backyard for years and had planned to stop them, but decided to do one last Reggie Fest for their wedding. Their wedding was a full on party - as it should be when you and the one you're marrying are only children and have no siblings. 

Parts of the day that stand out to me: It was crazy hot outside, Bucky the Badger is super fun at parties, everyone changed into green "Reggie Fest" shirts as soon as they could (remember, it was hot!), and Harry and Kacie were surrounded by friends and family who sure know how to party. So Fun! 

This wedding was also the second wedding Jordan did his Wedding Audio Stories for. You can listen to it here (in fact hit play in a separate tab while you scroll through the images):

Kacie and Harry - you're still some of our most favorite clients and we couldn't be more proud and honored to have photographed your wedding and put together your audio story! We've got to make it out to Harcie Fest one of these years!