The wedding of Grant and Elaine was one of those weddings we feel so very privileged to be asked to photograph. This very intimate wedding was photographed at Elaine's parents home There were 20 people total present and only three of us were not family. Wow - that is not something we carried lightly.

The beauty of such an intimate wedding is there is more time for non traditional elements in the ceremony. They created a lovely addition to their ceremony by everyone holding unlit candles. One by one family would speak out a blessing over the couple, each unique and beautiful, and then light the next family members candles. This was an aspect that was especially touching to Jordan and I... We were married in 2008 and had a candlelit service. And although our wedding was much too big to let it be this intimate and meaningful, we had the same spirit at our wedding. Jordan and I lit our unity candle then lit our best man and maid of honors candles who then continued to light each bridesmaid and groomsman and on to every guest at our wedding signifying that we all need community and one another. We are all better together and not alone. Both ways are wonderful (the intimate wedding and the big wedding including all family and friends who could make it) but there was something extra special about those words family spoke over them in support and love and encouragement. It's something I will never forget and I'm sure they won't either. 

After the ceremony the family gathered around the piano for some time singing with one another (something I gather they love to do as a family when they get together) while Jordan and I took a few photos and then slipped out the door, leaving them to enjoy the rest of the day celebrating together. 

Grant and Elaine, I can't express enough how lovely it was to be given the chance to photograph your beautiful start to your marriage. May your married years together continue in the deep love that they started with.