So here on my blog, this is the place where I get to show you my favorite images and the kind of work I’m looking to do more of. I usually like to be selective with photos I share. Likeness attracts likeness. So although I do photograph my share of indoor weddings (and enjoy them, even through a tiny bit of sadness to not be outside during any warm WI months), I would prefer to shoot more outdoor, backyard, obscure and unique wedding locations because aesthetically it just fits me and what I’m drawn to more. But then on occasion I shoot a wedding where the lighting indoors is really beautiful, or the gorgeousness of the brides dress is so great that I want you to see it over and over, even in indoor wedding ceremony photos. This wedding was one of those weddings where I just really want to show an entire wedding because I just do. I second shot this wedding with Maureen Cassidy, as I did on most of my free weekends in 2014. It’s always fun being her second and letting her big personality shine and my observant and more quiet personality to come out more and just shoot whatever is lovely and good. It’s a fun change and balance to the weddings where I am the main photographer. I really LOVED this couples foodie style and all the veggies and herbs that showed up in elements of their wedding. I was in the thick of my garden when I shot this wedding so the rosemary, cabbage, kale, artichoke, chive flowers, pear, and sage elements in with the flowers and cake and tables were a very welcome site for me and a joy to photograph. Her dress and shoes were also my favorite to date. A breathe of fresh air. Add in that every person we came across was just as lovely as the decor. Here you go. Enjoy.