For as long as my children have been looking out the car window and talking about what they see, they have been saying hello to and commenting on a donkey, buffalo, and horses that they see, living on the property with a big barn right around the corner from my in laws. Well, one night this past summer we were driving our usual drive home and Jordan and I saw a wedding happening at that beloved barn! Being wedding photographers, this was exciting to us! Ever since then I was planning and thinking up a photo shoot there on the property of Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch

My friends agreed to be our models (Thanks a ton Jeremy and Amanda! You two rocked it!), the amazing Alice Ezrow did Amanda's hair and makeup, and Renee with Madison Wedding Flowers (also amazing!) created these two floral crowns and one herb crown for me!

Brides, I HIGHLY recommend a crown with rosemary, sage, and even lavender on your wedding day! Want to know why? Because the smell is absolutely amazing and it'll totally relax you (at least it did me as I wore it around after the photoshoot)! 

One last thank you to my awesome husband and business partner who also has some great photos in the mix here. He's been working with me some in 2014 and all of 2015 and he's the best!