Grant + Elaine Intimate Fall Wedding | Wisconsin

Grant + Elaine Intimate Fall Wedding | Wisconsin

This very intimate wedding was photographed at Elaine's parents home There were 20 people total present and only three of us were not family. Wow - that is not something we carried lightly.

John + Jessica Barn Wedding in Oregon, IL

John + Jessica Barn Wedding in Oregon, IL

John and Jessica got married on a perfect summer day at Oak Lane of Oregon. We knew right away that John and Jessica were the type of couple we would be so very excited to photograph. Everything about them was warm and welcoming and that was confirmed 100% on their wedding day as we witnessed and photographed their interactions between them and their family and friends. Everyone was so genuine and full of fun. 

A couple highlights from the day... Those adorable nephews! Come on! They carried these huge signs down the aisle that said "She says she needs 10 more minutes" and "Just kidding! Here comes your bride". The big pot belly pig was free to roam around during the day. He came out of the barn at the start of the ceremony and roamed through the aisles after the ceremony finished. The grooms family planned the most heart warming and fun surprise for the bride and groom outside on the lawn while they changed the reception over to get ready for the dancing.  What a sweet surprise that had all the guests laughing and enjoying themselves AND (bonus for me) gave me a great opportunity to get candid photographs of happy people in some gorgeous light. Speaking of the dancing - I love a good dance party and this wedding did not disappoint thanks to Felix and Fingers dueling pianos

John and Jessica - thank you for the honor of photographing your wedding day. We loved getting to know the two of you and celebrate you on such a wonderful day. 

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Stevens Point Wedding Photography | Nathan + Elizabeth

The start of the day was Elizabeth biking to Ruby Coffee Roasters in Stevens Point to finish writing her vows and have a bit of coffee. She was relaxed and calm and ready to marry her best friend. She then biked to Lake Emily County Park and she got ready in her dress. They wanted to see one another before the ceremony but didn't want to fuss with an orchestrated first look - something I appreciated for it's natural and completely candid way. Everything and every detail was completely them and it was wonderful.

There weren't a ton of flashy decorations but the bride and groom hung handwritten personal notes to each of their guests (including us - their photographers) which, in my opinion, was one of the greatest details of their day and was reflective of their loving personalities. The cards waived with the slight breeze as guests found their special note. Guests seated on quilts overlooking the lake on a pleasant warm day. The ceremony included everyone singing along to The Prayer of St Francis, a song near to mind and Jordan's heart because it was also sang at our wedding. 

In addition to the lovely wedding there was a frisbee game where the bride tore her wedding dress and changed back into her wedding clothes and kept going without any fuss. The bride and groom rode a tandem bike together as part of their photos together... but the very best detail of all was the scheduled story slam during the reception before the dancing began. Guests were encouraged to come to the wedding with a story planned and ready to share. It was simply THE BEST. Family and friends from all over came together and shared their stories about them individually and together... What a wonderful memory they will have forever.

Jordan created an wedding audio story for them by recording the couple before the wedding day and then during the wedding, you can listen to their story by following the link here below.

Huge thank you to Nathan and Elizabeth for hiring us to photograph and audio record your wedding day. It was a true honor and a day that makes us shake our heads and wonder how we ever got so lucky to cross paths with such lovely people and be invited in to such a great day. 

Wisconsin Backyard Wedding Photography | Harry + Kacie

Harry and Kacie had such a memorable and fun backyard wedding and Jordan and myself felt lucky to be able to photograph it. Kacie's dad had been doing Reggie Fest in his backyard for years and had planned to stop them, but decided to do one last Reggie Fest for their wedding. Their wedding was a full on party - as it should be when you and the one you're marrying are only children and have no siblings. 

Parts of the day that stand out to me: It was crazy hot outside, Bucky the Badger is super fun at parties, everyone changed into green "Reggie Fest" shirts as soon as they could (remember, it was hot!), and Harry and Kacie were surrounded by friends and family who sure know how to party. So Fun! 

This wedding was also the second wedding Jordan did his Wedding Audio Stories for. You can listen to it here (in fact hit play in a separate tab while you scroll through the images):

Kacie and Harry - you're still some of our most favorite clients and we couldn't be more proud and honored to have photographed your wedding and put together your audio story! We've got to make it out to Harcie Fest one of these years! 

Downtown Madison WI Wedding | Adam + Colleen

Downtown Madison WI Wedding | Adam + Colleen

One thing I remember very well about this wedding day is it seemed to fall on one of the hottest Madison summer days. The heat index was so high. My husband and I were debating in the car if this (most adorable) little chapel off James Madison Park, Gates of Heaven, had air conditioning or not. You see, I was about 4 1/2 weeks away from my due date of my third child. It did indeed have air conditioning (of which I was so thankful). Regardless of the heat, Adam and Colleens wedding day was so so wonderful and one of our favorites of the year because we just think the world of these two. 

But also because, they chose to see one another throughout the morning instead of waiting until the bride walked down the aisle (in fact, they walked down the aisle together), they had their siblings (all sisters) as their bridal party, and because even in the heat and sweating like crazy they chose to take some time together for photos between the ceremony and reception. Jordan and I knew that it was going to be hot and also that their ceremony was ending early enough that it would still be very bright out at the point of pictures of just the two of them. So the week before we took our girls down to James Madison Park and then looked around for great locations within walking distance to take photographs. Luckily we came across the amazing Period Garden Park right up the street which was perfect. After we walked right on over to Coopers Tavern for the reception. 

Adam and Colleen - we felt honored to be the ones to document your wedding day! We wish you many happy and healthy years together.